How-To: Print to a Shared Vista (or XP) Printer from Mac

I found an awesome How-To for printing to a Vista (or XP) machine from my Mac (running Leopard). I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t get my printer on my XP machine at home to print from my Mac. After following these directions, it worked perfectly!


Screenshot Program for Mac, Awesome Manual Creation Program

Here’s a great freeware program for taking screenshots on your Mac (and from the few that I’ve done so far, it works better than the built in screen capture included in Leopard):

Now, here’s a really awesome program, available for Mac and Windows. It’s called ScreenSteps, website located here:
It helps you to create manuals and how-to’s with screenshots, in a single program. I would suggest watching both of the short videos on the main page to get a “feel” of what the program can do. It looks very useful and super easy to use. I’ll be downloading the trial shortly as I have a couple of docs to make as we speak! 😉

Using a Network Share for Apple Time Machine

I found these useful articles about using a network share with Apple Time Machine (Apples built-in backup feature).

There appears to be some issues with using a network share once it runs out of space, as the backups are not pruned correctly from what I can tell from the posts. There is a post on the firrst link that says the issue has been resolved with a recent Time Machine update, but not for sure if that’s the case. I haven’t tried it myself yet (not that brave yet 😉 ) plus I have an external drive that I use for backups anyway..
Here’s also a nice article on tweaking Time Machine:
And here’s a link to a Time Machine alternative (includes a comparison chart too):

Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) for VMware

I have used the Lefthand Networks Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) in the past (which can be found here: which presents an iSCSI target off of local disk through an appliance inside a VM. It’s a great way to use internal storage and make it “look” and act like a SAN.

I ran across this How-To for EMC’s Celerra VSA, which I didn’t really know about. So here’s the link to the How-To: