Great Links for Working with and Making Cat 5e or 6 Network Cable

I finished a little household project which was running Cat5e cable from my living room and master bedroom to the switch in my office. This was to connect two Tivo’s to the home network, so that everything is running Gig-E over the wire and so that I don’t have to mess around with connecting the Tivo’s wirelessly (and I’m hoping that the hard connection will make Netflix¬†video streaming performance better than wifi). The project¬†included making wall plates, drilling the holes, running the wire through my unfinished basement, etc.. Here are two very helpful sites that helped with the networking questions that came up.

Question 1: How do I connect the Cat 5e cable to a Wall Plate? The colors don’t match at all.
Answer: This site nailed it for me and worked great. And it’s easy to read and understand.

Network Wall Plate Cat5 Ethernet Cable
1 Blue
2 Orange
3 Black
4 Red
5 Green
6 Yellow
7 Brown
8 White
White / Orange
White / Green
White / Blue
White / Brown

Question 2: How do I make a “standard” Cat 5e network cable again? I forget the “official” color layout when connecting the ends..
Answer: This site has a great picture for the “official” wiring: 568-B method.

Pair # Wire Pin #
1-White/Blue White/Blue 5
Blue/White 4
2-Wht./Orange White/Orange 1
Orange White 2
3-White/Green White/Green 3
Green/White 6
4-White/Brown White/Brown 7
Brown/White 8

Windows 7 – Another Area for Program Data that isn’t under Program Files

I have a small program that keeps some of it’s files (which happen to be data files) where the program resides, typically under C:\Program Files\Name of Program\. I normally back these files up as they are important to me. However when I went over to Windows 7, I noticed that the program files are no longer under C:\Program Files\Name of Program\ and where nowhere to be found. After some exhaustive searching on Google and using Windows Search, I found the “new” location these files are kept:
C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Name of Program\. So I pick this new location in order to back up the files that I need. Hope this might help someone else wondering where their files went. I know it was quite weird for me at first..